Your Internet Marketing System – The Key to Succeed Online

If you are starting your business from zero like I did, the biggest challenge you will find is the lack of “know-how” when it comes to advertising, offline or online.

I specialized in psychology and human resources; I knew a lot about people but very little about computers, internet and less yet about any kind of marketing.

I always laugh whenever I remember that the first professional marketing experience I had for my own business was in a friend’s house while hosting a makeup session for my Mary Kay business.

Don’t take me wrong I do think highly of Mary Kay and how she revolutionized the cosmetic industry with these home parties. I just wasn’t comfortable with those marketing methods.

This is the main reason why I decided to try riva berkovitz review blog and forget all about the old fashioned marketing methods: home meetings, personal cards, flyers and warm calling my family and friends or cold calling strangers. I had heard before of people doing well marketing with Google with something known as Pay Per Click.

I had no previous knowledge, all I knew was that there were people making money from home through internet, that I like smart and automatic systems and that there should be a way for me to do the same. What I didn’t know is that the internet charges a “tax” when it comes to online marketing.

If you just jump in with both feet without really knowing what you’re doing, like I did, you run the risk to be “taxed” big time by the net. And that’s exactly what happened to me.

*I spent over $12,000 in Google just to have my campaigns “slapped” more than once.

*I created tons of ads with 0 responses

*And in the end, I was paying $30 per lead instead of $2 to $3, as the pros do.

It was one my most frustrating experiences and I didn’t quit just because I was more stubborn than Google itself.

Luckily for me and the members of my team I eventually found a simple solution

And as it turned out, this turnkey solution, was the smartest thing I could do for my home business.

This is the reason I consider this step the key element to succeed online.

At all costs you want to avoid the followings when marketing your home business:

1. Do not use “old-fashioned” and “outdated” marketing methods like home meetings, posting flyers, making lists of friends and family. These marketing methods were o.k. in the past, but now there are better and smarter ways to market.

2. You don’t want to venture ALONE to the internet to learn a bit of this and a bit of that. Trust me, at the end that will cost you more money!

You will not want to stand on quicksand, especially for something as important as the MARKETING of your business.

To succeed in your self-employment journey THROUGH INTERNET you need to stand on SOLID GROUND.

The smartest thing to do is to join someone or a team who is successfully doing internet marketing, whose daily activities have to do with internet marketing and who can demonstrate to you that they know what they’re talking about, when it comes to internet marketing.

If you want to use online advertising and avoid the internet marketing “tax”, then you don’t want to partner with someone who likes to do home meetings, hand out cards, post flyers or buy low-quality and uninterested leads.

You need a team that specializes in what is known as the “work smart” approach. While less experienced home business owners are making lists of their friends and family members to pitch,

…Leaders Under a “Work Smart Approach” Use The Most Advanced Marketing Methods To Attract The Right People To Them, and The Best Part is That They Basically Do It on Autopilot.

Sadly this aptitude cannot be acquired overnight and does require the right kind of training.

What is the solution then?

Cut down your learning curve by plugging into someone else’s system that will provide you with simple, step-by-step instructions that will have you generating your own leads faster than you can imagine.

These types of companies have already put together the most comprehensive training platforms to show you how to generate your own leads, while you build your own home business.

Usually they will train you on:

Paid Advertisement like: AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC), Ezines, Banners, Post Cards, etc. And Free Online advertisement like video and article marketing, social networking, blogging, Twitter, etc..

All in the same platform!

You’ll most likely have access to a forum and Mastermind Group where members from all over the world get together to master mind and help each other succeed, Learning from other’s experiences and listening about success stories is one of the fastest ways to make it BIG.

And that’s the type of team and environment you’re going to have to find if you want to avoid the internet marketing “tax”.

The alternative is to make that list of your 100 closest friends and family members.

If that’s something that you’d settle for, I’d suggest that you forget about your self-employed plan through internet and keep your offline efforts.

I know it is harsh, but you would not be able to become a doctor without going to medice school. Likewise, you will not make it as an internet entrepreneur without going through an extensive internet marketing training.

The most important training you need for your Internet new business is to learn exactly how to generate your own leads for little or no cost. And while you’re learning or if you don’t have the time or the inclination to learn, you can look for turnkey lead generation solutions to tap into.

It is not very difficult, nowadays, to find general internet marketing systems that easily adapt to your marketing needs. Hence whether you have already a business or you have never had one, these systems can give you all the ins and outs of internet marketing in a relatively short time.

All these things are possible now, and it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

What I love about these types of systems is that regular people just like me who tried and failed at network marketing and knew nothing about internet in a matter of months have converted into expert Internet marketers.

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