Top 10 Nigeria Football Foreign Legions

Top 10 Nigeria Football Foreign Legions

Football is a general game, and Nigeria stays the greatest exporter of skilled footballers Worldwide. A greater part of these unfamiliar armies anyway winds up playing for their received nations instead of their nation of birth or inception.

The rundown is unending, as innumerable quantities of Nigerian conceived footballers are every day looking for greener fields or freedoms to feature their potential in the shade of their embraced nations. Nigeria at last turns into the greatest washout, as it is denied of value players through this football channel.

Muri Ogunbiyi

Muri Ogunbiyi is an assaulting midfielder who once played for the popular Enyimba 토토 먹튀 club of Aba. He by and by plays for the squirrels of Benin Republic.

Carlton Cole

Carlton Cole was conceived of a Nigerian dad and a Sierra Leone mother, yet as of now plays for England senior National football crew. He is a top striker with English Premiership club-West Ham United.

Onyewu Oguchi

Onyewu is a standard focal safeguard in the United States of America senior National soccer group, with Nigerian root.

Gabriel Agbonlahor

Gabby as he is affectionately called turned down a few solicitations to play for Nigeria, and picked rather to respect a call up to play for England. He has a Scottish mother and a Nigerian dad. He is a critical individual from Aston Villa F.C in the English Premier League.

Toto Tamuz

Toto Tamuz is a child of previous Nigerian worldwide footballer Clement Temile. He as of now stars for the Israeli National footballer crew. His mom is an Israeli. Like his dad, Toto Tamuz plays in the assaulting placing for the Israeli public senior group.

Dennis Aogo

Dennis is an accomplished protector with the German U-19 public group. He has a Nigerian Father and as of now plays for Hamburg SV in the German Bundesliga.

Rubin Rafael Okotie

Rubin is an Austrian U-21 global striker with Nigerian dad and Austrian mother. His dad hails from Delta State in Southern Nigeria.

Emmanuel Adebayor

The previous Togolese public group chief was destined to Nigerian guardians in Lome, yet right now playing for the Togolese National football crew and Manchester City of England.

Paul Mc Grath

Paul Mc Grath is an Irish global who holds the unmistakable record of being the primary Nigerian-conceived footballer to play for an embraced country, destined to a Nigerian dad and an Irish Mother.

Emmanuel Olisadebe

Emmanuel Olisadebe was in thrilling structure during the FIFA 2002 World Cup co-facilitated by Korea-Japan. He is a Nigerian footballer who changed loyalty to his embraced country-Poland.


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