The Role of Blogging in Online Reputation Management

The Role of Blogging in Online Reputation Management

Blogging is considered as the first form of social media which was shoved to the passenger’s seat when the social network titans Facebook, Twitter and Google+ came into the picture. However, blogs have seen resurgence in the recent years and today; almost all websites – personal and commercial – have a blog section.

There’s no denying the power of published words in a blog and every SEO company is very well aware that it can make or break the reputation of a brand. Take the example of celebrities for example. When Perez Hilton opens his “virtual mouth,” everybody scrambles to re-tell the story and in no time, a simple blog posts has erupted into a full blow gossip. It’s the same with businesses. If you own an Italian restaurant and a known food blogger publishes in his or her blog that your Spaghetti Bolognese is not al dente enough, expect that you will be facing an internet reputation crisis.

Countering the negative with something positive is an age-old brand management services tactic or technique and this is still applicable in the digital era. To soften the impact of a possible bad publicity that might arise in the future, you can use your blog as a powerful tool.

Outranking the Negative with the Positive

Majority of all internet traffic originates from search engine and for an SEO company; this is where online reputation management new york starts. Do a quick search engine audit of your site. Search for your company on Google and review the top-ranked results. If there a number of negative content about you that are ranking high, then you are in trouble.

What a blog can do in this situation is that if you have a steady stream of high quality, relevant, useful and compelling posts, you can push your own content to have the top spots in Google’s search results pages. It is conventional brand management services knowledge that a brand is less likely to be affected by negative publicity if it has a strong foundation of positive content. With that being said, use your blog strategically and more purposefully. Do not use it as a doodle wall of everything and anything that comes across your mind. Think of high quality content that builds your brand image.

Pointers for Successful Business Blogging

There’s really no success formula to come up with successful commercial blogs, but there are basic tenets which you have to keep in mind:

1. Blog regularly. Don’t launch and leave after publishing a couple of posts. You will lose your following and your blog will just be a dead weight on your site.

2. Choose your platform wisely. Blog platforms vary in terms of the required level of technical expertise. If you’re planning to maintain your blog yourself and if you don’t have enough technical blogging experience, opt for the simpler platforms. If you are going to hire a professional SEO company, then go as complicated as you can without sacrificing efficiency and user experience.

3. Speak in a warm, but professional tone. Again, you are representing a brand and whatever it is that you write on your blog will be seen as your brand’s position on things. So, think before you publish.


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