The Pure and Simple Joys of Comedy

Even when you are in a really bad mood and you hear someone else laugh you cannot help but laugh right along with them, even if you don’t know them. There is not a better sound out there than someone laughing, truly laughing, and enjoying something that they have seen or heard. Remember the last time you were just flipping through the channels and you heard a funny joke and you started laughing hysterically? Or, when you read a Joke and Prank Videos Caught on Tape and started laughing uncontrollably? This is what comedy is all about, making you laugh. And even if only for a moment you are able to forget all of your worries, fears, and stresses, comedy is completely worth it.

Comedy gets you laughing, and you know the saying that “laughter is the best medicine” is not a joke! When you laugh you are actually doing your body a service. Not only are you enjoying yourself and the moment you are doing something that will truly better your body now and in the future. It sounds too good to be true, but when you make comedy a regular part of your life you are actually doing yourself a favor on so many levels. Many doctors say if they could, they would write a prescription for comedy or laughter because it really can make that much of a difference for a lot of people.

What Comedy and Laughter Can Do for the Body

Do you want some examples of what comedy and related laughter can do for you? You may very well be surprised and after you have this information you’ll want to make laughter an even bigger part of your life, no doubt about it. When you incorporate comedy and laughter into your life you are actually:

– Reducing stress

– Feeling good mentally

– Lowering blood pressure

– Elevating your mood

– Improving brain functioning

– Boosting your immune system

– Protecting your heart

– Connecting yourself to others

– Relaxing your body and mind

As you can see, laughter really is the best medicine! When you laugh you really are “doing a body good” and there is no better reason to laugh than when you see something or hear something funny. Comedy is all around us and you can find it through the simplest of things. Sure, we all find different things funny, but it doesn’t matter who you are or what you like, if you want to make laughter a part of your life you certainly can. And, now that you know that it has so many health benefits you should make comedy and laughter a regular part of your life.

Not sure how you can incorporate comedy into your life on a regular basis? Start being the friend in your circle of friends that finds good jokes and sends them to everyone else. Not only will you find plenty to laugh at in the process of finding the jokes, you’ll be sharing the comedy, laughter, and all of the benefits with your friends. There is plenty of funny stuff out there that you won’t even have to look that hard for and you’ll find a lot of things that will have you stomping your foot, holding your stomach, and roaring with delight. That’s the great thing about comedy, it doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to find, it’s everywhere and when you share it, it makes the associated laughter all the more enjoyable. So, go out and find comedy, laugh, and share the fun, joy, and health benefits that come along with it! It’s good for you!


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