The Best Back Strengthening Exercises

Back strengthening exercises should be carried out on a routine basis, this is essentially because the back of the human being acts as the main coordination center of the entire body as it contains the spinal cord that mainly aides in the mobility of the entire body. A well conditioned back is known to be perfectly healthy, such that it is able to withstand more stress, and provides the ultimate protection to the spine; this is known to help one in avoiding back injuries or excessive pain that many at times are known to come with old age.

Back strengthening exercises are always effective in strengthening the entire spinal column and ensuring the perfect health of the supportive muscles ligaments and tendons around it. While doing the back strengthening exercises you will certainly be advised not to do too much at once as you may end up with severe back injuries but essentially focus on performing higher intensity exercises for shorter periods of time.

There is a set of back Propidren Funciona exercises that are widely known to be highly effective in ensuring the perfect health of the back that is free from any sort of pain and able to enhance mobility of body muscles.

Hip bridge exercise is one of the best back strengthening exercises that essentially requires one to find a relatively flat surface. Lie on your back while your eyes face up; the feet should be flat while the hip width maintained apart from each other. While the arms are relaxed and the knees bent at an angle, one should squeeze the buttocks as one lifts the hips up and ensuring there is a straight lining from the knees to the shoulders. This position should be maintained for a few seconds, then one lowers down slowly, continuous doing of this exercise should ensure the perfect health of the spine. This exercise is mainly known to strengthen the back muscles that are important in stabilizing the spine.

Side plank exercise is another effective back strengthening exercise that is effective in ensuring the ultimate strength and endurance of the entire core and usually beneficial in helping the lower back to be quite stable. The procedure involves one lying on the side of the body with the elbow directly under the shoulders; the left hand should be the one supporting the entire body mass from the floor with the help of the left leg. In this stable condition the abdominals will need to be tightened while one lifts the hips off the floor, while lifting up and down the neck should be aligned with the spine while the hips maintained in the square position. While on the upward trend one should maintain the position for about 3 seconds and then lower down gently. This set of back strengthening exercise should be performed three times on each side of the body for effective strengthening of the back.

Bird dog back exercise is another vital back strengthening exercise that is known for its ability to improve the balance of spine muscles thus resulting in a stable spine when one is engaged daily activities such as walking and running or lifting light loads. The procedure of doing this back strengthening exercise involves one being on all fours with both knees and hands tight forged to the ground with the hip width apart the hands should be flat on the floor. While in this position one should tighten the abs and extend the right arm fully as if trying to get hold of something and the left leg fully back as if kicking something with the leg sole, this position should be maintained for at least 10 seconds and then interchanged with the right hand and left leg. Repetition of this exercise 4 times a day is known to increase the coordination and balance of the spine muscles. This will ensure that one is able to maintain a highly stable spine that is able to aid daily activities such running or walking.

Romanian dead lift is usually a good back strengthening exercise that is of high beneficial for both the lower and upper back, with these exercise one will require a set of dumbbells or a barbell. While standing straight and tall with the arm in front;one will be required to push the butt back, the chest should essentially be in the upward position at the hip so that the weight is able to glide down gently in front of the legs. One should go all the way down until a sensation of a nice stretch is felt on the hamstring and then return back to the starting position.

Lunge is another appropriate back strengthening exercise that can be performed anywhere as it involves one ensuring that the abs are gently contracted, with the hands on the hips one will be required to take a big step forward with the right foot sinking down gently until the knee is at a right angle. Gently rolling back upwards will essentially mark up the lunge back strengthening exercise.The main aim of this exercise is usually to ensure whole body control at all times thus ensuring the spine is always protected.

Importance of back exercises

Back strengthening exercises ought to be part and parcel of one’s life as they tend to determine how one will be able to live a normal life, lack of back strengthening exercises is many a times known to lead to severe back pain of which tend to render the flexibility of one’s self. This is usually due to the buildup of tension and stress in the spine of which has to be removed for one to enjoy a healthy life free of back pain.

Back strengthening exercises are also known to lead well balanced muscles along the spine thus aiding normal movements, this exercises area also good at stretching the hip flexors thus ensuring stabilization of the spine. The best thing about back strengthening exercises is that they do not require any gym registration so as to be carried but can be carried out at the comfort of one̢۪s home at any particular time of the day.


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