The Air Conditioning/Heating Industry and the Increasing Need for Technicians

The Air Conditioning/Heating Industry and the Increasing Need for Technicians

In the state of Florida air conditioning rules our lives. Without air conditioning to keep us cool I believe that we would lose our minds.

Any technological system needs experienced/knowledgeable technicians who know how to install, fix and maintain the system. In regards to any HVAC needs without experienced technicians who know what they are doing we would be forced to do all the Lake nona Florida air conditioning repair by ourselves. This means that we would be browsing the internet for a day trying to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. People certainly do not have time to fix their air conditioners, which is the main reason why people call technicians. With the growing need for air conditioning, and people not being able to function without it, follows the necessitate for HVAC technicians.

By 2016 it is estimated that the demand for HVAC technicians will increase by 9%. The increase in this number is based off of the idea that the experienced technicians who have been in the business for years will be reaching the age of retirement paired with the ongoing advancements in technology and all air conditioning/heating systems. The air conditioning/heating industry is growing and will only continue to flourish. In order to keep up with the demand from the population we need more technicians in the field in order to keep up with the demand and needs from the people. It is inevitable for systems to fail or for problems to occur, no system is perfect. It is up to the technicians to make sure that people are comfortable in their own homes and that their needs are met in a timely manner.

For those of you who are at a dead end street meaning that you do not know what career path is right for you but you are technologically savvy and enjoy the mechanics of advanced systems you should consider making the investment and become an HVAC technician. The industry offers you job stability considering the fact that no matter where you are in the world, literally, people either need to be kept warm and/or cool.


HVAC technicians install, maintain and repair any heating, air conditioning and/or refrigeration systems. When going through the certification process some individuals prefer to specialize in one, or many, areas of service in turn making them an “expert”. For example, you can be a certified HVAC technician and be able to fix any system but you could also be an expert in installations of all air conditioning systems and duct work. By being an expert in something it could potentially be the main reason you got a job because they are looking for a technician who specializes in a particular skill.

It all depends what you, as an individual, are interested in as well as what you are good at or see yourself being successful in.

In order to become a certified HVAC technician in the state of Florida, you must:

1. Have 4 years experience in the field. This includes attending a trade school, attending the HVAC program at an accredited University/College, or for those who do not do well in classroom settings, taking a course online. Simply put, you need to have knowledge of the craft in order to become certified.

2. You must be 18 years or older

3. You will have to provide your credit report/financial statements

4. A criminal background check must be done along with fingerprinting

5. You have to pass 2 specific HVAC exams with a 70% or higher

A. First exam – Business and Finance exam. This exam is 120 questions and is offered all year round in the state of Florida

B. Second exam – This exam deals directly with air conditioning/heating/refrigeration topics. It is 130 questions that are to be completed in 2 sessions. This exam is only offered 6 times a year in the state of Florida.

6. You have to pay all application/exam fees

Once you are certified you can work anywhere in the state of Florida as an HVAC technician. Certifications last 2-5 years depending on what the technician specializes in, if he specializes in any specific area of work. Prior to the expiration of the certification the state of Florida requires that each technician completes 14 hours of coursework from a state approved provider (trade school, online course, classes at a University, etc.)

If you are serious about becoming an HVAC technician, or you are looking into the career, be aware that you must have experience and/or knowledge in the field before becoming certified to work a full time position. You could already be a “helper” or a “workman” for a heating/air conditioning company, meaning that you work alongside someone and you hand them tools or clean up their mess. If this is the case you may already have a significant amount of knowledge to pass the test but it would not hurt to take the next step in furthering your knowledge and skills by attending a trade school or taking online classes that prepare you for the certification tests.

In Florida, and all over the United States, there are many trade schools that offer the HVAC program. Most trade schools tuition, depending on the school, include the cost of taking the tests at the end of the program in order to be certified. Be aware that the schools differ from one another in terms of cost and the certifications that you will be leaving with when you graduate. It is just like choosing a college to go to. For example, if you want to be a history teacher you would not go to a school that does not have education classes because then you would not be certified to teach you would just have a degree in History.

Some community colleges, depending on where you live, offer HVAC programs as well. For those of you in Florida there are 3 colleges that offer the program:

1. Florida State College @ Jacksonville
2. Miami Dade College
3. Daytona State

Each school, including trade schools, offer top of the line hands-on training as well as coursework in order for you to become an expert in the craft. Depending on which school you plan to attend, along with your schedule, will determine how long the program is and what certifications you will have when you are done. Some schools, most of them actually, require that during the time in the program you have to take on an apprenticeship. The idea behind this is to make sure that you are getting enough hands-on experience so that when you enter the industry you will have all the knowledge needed to make sure that you service each customer and their systems to your best ability.

Before making a commitment to a school/program it is your job to do all the research that you can and gather information from each school you find that fits your needs. A few tips that will help you in deciding which school to pick are:

1. Make sure the times that the classes are going on work with your schedule

2. If you have made the decision to specialize in a certain area make sure the school offers the classes that will earn you your certification(s)

3. The tuition is reasonable and fits in with your finances (keep in mind the cost of books)

4. Make sure the location of the school is close by and is not a hassle to get to; location is key

5. The school you pick offers you the best education possible so that you can succeed in the industry

DO NOT just pick a school. It is your education and most importantly your money that you are spending. Be particular and choose the best school for you. Do research on the schools, set up a date and time for you to visit the school and get a tour and you can even ask those who are in the industry if they have any advice/suggestions.

In today’s day we cannot live without air conditioning or heat. This industry will only continue to grow. HVAC technicians are wanted and needed all over the United States and even across seas. It is a great trade to know and learn considering these facts.


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