TAG Heuer Carrera – Accelerating Like a Racer

History of Carrera Watches:

Introduced in 1963, Carrera is the brand’s most appraised collection. At first, it contained watches with ordinary designs having only index and markers on the dial. It was not after a long time that the watch line became the brand’s first ever automatic chronograph range.

Perfect Designs:

Mostly known for TAG Heuer’s trademark chronograph watches, Carrera has been dressed with an array of sturdy and beautiful pieces. Their sleek and trendy finish is combined with easily recognizable hour markers. Luminous hands have also been highlighted excellently. Design of the watches also includes TAG Heuer logo at the crown and a la carrera panamericana tag on the dial. Its stainless steel strap reflects a robust look that represents this collection. Fabric, titanium and leather are also offered as strap materials. The scratch – proof sapphire crystal and dual anti – reflective functionality permits a wearer to use the watch with more independence, leaving aside the insecurity about scratches or inadequate perceptibility.

Bold Features:

This watch line offers water resistance within a distance of 10 bar or 100 meters. Chronograph has stopwatch and countdown properties. Date window at 6’o clock or 3’o clock provides you with a comprehensive view of time. With an improved automatic movement, timepieces of the collection become the apotheosis of trust and accuracy.

Carrera watches are made for both men and women. Men’s and women’s pieces are offered under some sub – collections like Calibre 5, Calibre S, Calibre 1887 and many more.

Carrera Ladies Collection:

Style has been fused with traditional looks while making the women’s watches. All of the pieces have been designed cautiously so that no flaw remains. Case of a watch is the most important thing. It is produced applying various substances like steel and titanium. The steel case gives the watches military like ruggedness as well as glorifies wrist of a watch user. Titanium case gives the watches thinness and durability.

Size of the cases vary from 26 to 40mm. Circular shaped dials are burnished in appealing colours like silver, white, mother – of – pearl, black and blue. Black models reflect the courageous attitude of women racers, while the blue coloured models give a charming radiance. Pieces with mother – of – pearl dials offer mildness, while the ones with white coloured dials provide clarity to the wrist of a watch user.

Specific models have been adorned with diamonds on their dial. It magnifies the value of the watches and also of a watch user. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass is used as a cover to the watches. It also provides clarity to the wrist of a watch user. Water resistance within the range of 30 to 100 meters enables the pieces to boost their strength and overcome any kind of hindrance caused by water.

Carrera Men’s Collection:

Having a wide variety of timepieces, this TAG Heuer collection has sub collections like Calibre 1887, Calibre 16, Calibre 5 and others.

The audacious men’s watches of the collection gives their best performance with the help of a cluster of features like skeleton dial, radium dial, day date, GMT, chronograph, luminous hand, tachymeter and many more. All of these functions are ideal for an expert racer.

The tachymeter scale looks like a ring and is placed at the rim of bezel. It is used to calculate a speed based on travel time or gauge distance mainly depending upon the speed. A tachymeter is a simple means of reverting transpired time to speed. Chronograph is also offered with these watches. Carrera watches are mainly reputed for their chronograph watches. This kind of a watch is used as a stopwatch integrated with a display watch.

Luminous hand dial helps to glorify the wrist of the user, while the radium dial lights your wrist during night or at darkness. In a skeleton watch you can see both sides of the dial of a watch. A GMT function includes 24-hour analogue watches. It is a type of watch that entirely revolves in every 24 hours. With the help of day date function you can witness both the current day and date placed on the dial.

Dials have circular shape and shaded with tempting colours like anthracite, blue, brown, mother – of – pearl, grey, silver and many more. Cases of these watches are built with steel, titanium, carbon and two tone materials. Straps are made of leather, steel, rubber and two-tone. Crystal clear sapphire glass ensures the watches with scratch resistance. 50 to 100 meters water resistant function allows the watches to blow away any kind of damage connected to water.


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