SER Electrical Wire – Service Entrance Cable Information

SER Electrical Wire – Service Entrance Cable Information

Type SE electrical wire represents Service Entrance and the “R” represents Round on the grounds that this link is round rather than level. There is a 2 transmitter and a 3 conveyor adaptation accessible and both accompany an extra uncovered ground wire. SER Cables are utilized to run power from a utility pole to an electrical box in a home or building. From the electrical box more modest links will race to the lights, outlets and apparatuses all through the home.


Type SE, SER link, and SEU link are completely produced with similar metals and materials. The “R” is a round link and the “U” is a level link where the conductors lie close to one another instead of packaged. Thick copper strands are utilized in light of the fact that adaptability is anything but a typical solicitation for any electrical links. Every one of the conduits is endorsed with THHN THWN protection barring the extra ground wire. The ground is exposed concentric lay which is 7 strands twisted together. At last, there is a dark PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) coat with sufficient assurance to be utilized outside or in channel, plate or raceway. It can’t be utilized straightforwardly in the ground since it’s not produced with sufficient security.


SER links are endorsed with UL, RoHS, REACH and Military detail AA59544. The protected conductors are affirmed as THHN and THWN with imprinting on the protection. The abandoned uncovered copper ground wire is a size or 2 more modest than the directors since it requires less amperage.


Administration Entrance links are utilized outside and in course to supply another force source. It would be a decent decision on the off chance that you’re running an association with another electrical source in your horse shelter or carport. Another great utilization of type SE links is to run capacity to your home from the utility pole. UPSers links start at 8 AWG and get greater from that point since it’s providing the whole source with the aggregate sum of amperage that will be designated all through the home, building, carport or animal dwellingplace. For example, a 200 AMP SER link (SER 3/0) would be utilized to introduce a standard 200 AMP breaker. A circuit tester can give you the specific computation that will pass investigation once they have every one of the insights concerning your establishment.

Ensure you address your wire and link provider about the sort of link you need. They will help suit you with the right coat and protection that best accommodates your establishment and give you an unmistakable clarification regarding why. Additionally, talk with your circuit repairman about the size of copper you need to help your new wellspring of power.

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