Fire Exam: Dos and Don’ts

Whenever you are considering a career in the Fire Service, you must take and pass the firefighter exam first. This exam measures a person’s readiness in being a part of the firefighting team through the testing of the facts and strategies one should know about firefighting. The exam has many different question types that you can study for. But there is more to just the studying of facts, there are many other things to prepare for when taking the fire exam: there are also many things to consider and many mistakes you should avoid.

Top Points to Remember in a Firefighter Exam:

1. Review all possible facts about fire fighting

2. Learn more universal test taking skills

3. Emotionally prepare yourself for the firefighter test

4. Develop a test strategy to fully-equip yourself on the fire exam

A firefighter exam is just like any other exam you have taken in school days. So definitely, a barrage of facts is there for you to absorb and remember so that you can effectively answer every jamb runs. They can be basic information or skills necessary for you to successfully implement the profession. Not all facts of a fire exam can be remembered easily. That is the reason why universal test taking skills are necessary.

Universal test taking skills are your last resort when all the things you studied fails you. These test taking skills increases the chances of selecting the right answer through a guess or using patterns that usually test makers use while making the test questions. Next is to prepare on the pressures you will encounter during the firefighter test. For some, especially re-takers, they often get so preoccupied with the idea of failing again the fire exam that they lose their concentration while taking the exam. As for the overconfident, they tend to hurriedly take the exam, but they fail to recognize minor details that can actually make an answer correct or wrong.

And to fully implement them all on the day of the firefighter test, develop a test strategy. This will guide you more on the specific things to do on the day of the exam. Details such as what to bring on the exam date, how to start the exam right, what to do and not to do on exam breaks and more should be included in your plan. Passing the fire exam can involve a lot of things that is why it is necessary to be prepared for all of them.

Common Blunders you Must Avoid:

1. Seeing that it is an aptitude test, some see point in reviewing for it

2. Finding incorrect review materials

3. Not taking a practice test for the firefighter exam

The firefighter exam is an aptitude test, but that does not mean you need not review on it. It still has a lot of difficult questions you will definitely encounter. Also, even if it is an aptitude test, there are ways in which you can prepare for it. Questions found on the firefighter test are still hard facts that you will see on many books.

Also, many seek out a manual to help in the firefighter exam. Just make sure that these manual do not contain less or too much on the things to review. Look on how many questions it has. The more it has, the better the chances you have that you will encounter the same questions on the day of the exam. Last but not the least; it will greatly help you to take a practice exam for the firefighter test. This will better orient you on what to expect on the exam along with its lay-outs and other things to consider.


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