Dell XPS 12: Is It a Tablet or a Notebook?

Recently a new ultrabook/ tablet has been launched in the technology market by Dell, it is the Dell XPS 12. This tablet is powered with the latest OS Windows 8. Incorporating the latest technology, powered with the new OS and numerous features that are user friendly are just a few of the many things included in this convertible ultrabook. Let us find out more about this new tablet/ notebook by Dell.  ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 2020 

About Dell XPS 12

Technology innovation is all about introducing a tablet powered with Windows 8 that doubles up as ultrabook. The screen of XPS 12 measures a whooping 12.5 inches, for this reason the content clarity and display are immaculate. The hardware of this ultrabook includes Core i5-3427 clocked at 1.7GHz with a powerful RAM of 4GB and 128GB SSD. Del XPS 12 is priced at $1,199.99. The other version of ultrabook has Core i7 processor and 8GB RAM.

Let us find out more about it.

Flipping the frame

The best feature of XPS 12 is its distinctive convertible technology that enables using it as a notebook or a tablet. The physical form is such that the screen easily blends in the form of a tablet, also when one requires a notebook the design is capable of incorporating a keyboard. All this is possible through the flexible and clever designing of the entire product. The screen is set in frame to rotate at 180 degrees converting it into a tablet by folding away the keyboard beneath the screen. To protect the screen from scratches the technology of Gorilla Glass in incorporated. With a brilliant resolution of 1920 x 1080, you will never complain about the screen, it is brightly lit and the display is vivid. The best part is that the screen can be used as a traditional monitor of a notebook or a touch screen when you use it as a tablet.

As far as the performance of the system is concerned, it is smooth and up to the mark, you will never complain about any lag in performance. There are two connectivity options via USB ports (3.0), one is a Mini DisplayPort that allows connectivity to headphone jack and external display, second is PowerShare to enable charging USB devices. Interestingly you can charge even when the device is on sleeping mode or with power off. Nonetheless, you might be disappointed to know that that it does not includes any Ethernet and micro SD card slot.

When we compare it with other ultrabooks, this one is relatively heavy in weight with 3.5lb. If we compare it against MacBook Air (13.3 inch), it weighs 2.96lb while the Zenbook UX31A Touch by Asus weighs at 3.08 lb. Nevertheless, this slight difference in weight can be overlooked when other things are quite amazing about it like added feature of battery consumption check by pressing the small button on the right hand side. This comes handy when you are traveling and concerned about battery consumption.

Keyboard and trackpad

The keyboard is somewhat small compared to traditional keyboards; the key spacing may seem cramped when you look at it. It might take time adjusting with typing but the keys are soft touch and highly responsive. Additionally the backlit keyboard facilitates in typing in low light and uncomfortable light. Altogether, it can be said that the keyboard is stylish, sleek and sturdy.

The trackpad of XPS 12 may disappoint you, as it is not as touch sensitive as it is suppose to be. You may face jerky mouse pointer movements while using trackpad. Options as charms bar will be difficult to handle while attempting to use touchpad. The tapping too may need more pressure than expected; the pressure sensitivity of trackpad is not as expected. Nevertheless, if you are using multi-touch and zoom functionality it works just fine.


The Dell XPS 12 is an amazing convertible mobile device that can be used as tablet as well as notebook. The screen size and display are amazing, the form and physical design are attractive. The downside seems to be issues with trackpad.

You might want it if you are looking forward towards a device that is a convertible, sleek and trendy powered with Windows 8. However, the weight seems to be one such factor when you attempt using it as a tablet. On a final note, it can be said that Dell has manage

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