Courier Services: Faster Than Postal Services

A thousand years ago runners and homing pigeons were used for delivering messages and even packets to far off places. Riders on horseback were slightly faster than the runners as they could deliver message faster. As the method of delivering messages developed later on, we had government managed post offices across the world delivering letters to every nook and corner of the globe However, the methods of delivering kept on changing and now we have Courier services that cater to our needs of getting our parcels and even letters delivered to places we want them to be delivered.

However, there is a lot of difference between the such services and ordinary postal services. Courier services are a lot faster than the ordinary mail services. The faster it is in delivering parcels, goods and even letters, its reputation and credential goes up as a public utility service. Moreover, there is a lot of accountability which is generally absent in the ordinary postal services. It is not only defined by its speed in delivering the parcel and good, but is also known because of its commitment and surety that whatever you are sending will not be lost. Sometimes, in the ordinary postal service your letter or parcel doesn’t reach the addressee, but in these services such mistakes are almost non-existent.

It functions at a different level from that of an ordinary postal service. They feature such as security, tracking, signature, specialization and individualization of services. Today, you can even track down whether the goods or parcels have been delivered to the addressee through the internet. Generally, all the services like this have a maximum time limit by which they assure the delivery of the goods or parcels to the addressee. The delivery time is often dictated by the distance of the addressee.

same day couriers in London usually have their branches in all the cities. There are also the ones that operate only within a country or city; there are others whose area of operation might include international destinations. If you are dealing with an international service, it will have its branches in all the important cities of the world. Likewise if the courier company operates only within a particular country, it will have branches in all the cities.

Due to its speed and improved features than the ordinary mail service, it will charge you more. However, the rate of the courier service will depend on the item that you will be sending beside the distance it has to cover to deliver it to the addressee.


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