Council House Mystic: An Interview with Fred Laird of Earthling Society – Musician Interview

Council House Mystic: An Interview with Fred Laird of Earthling Society – Musician Interview

Earthling Society is a splendid newish band from England who sail the wild and remote oceans of present day prog-rock. They have delivered two plates: “Albion” and this year’s, “Plastic Jesus and the Third Eye Blind” the two of which show a diverse virtuosity while inspecting such troublesome themes as religions part in our lives and the obliteration of the climate. Their long, name curved and hallucinogenic tunes are wealthy in surface, which means and elements. It has been my pleasure to be in contact a few individuals from the band and specifically vocalist and guitarist, Fred Laird. His energy and enthusiasm for music, significant issues and life radiate through with each mail we’ve traded and it is my pleasure to introduce a short email talk with we as of late directed. To everything perusers, help yourself out, go out and get these two stunning circles. As you tune in, tumbling down the spiritualist hare opening of sound, you’ll be happy you did.

1) How did the band come to fruition?

Myself and Dave (bass) had been playing in a band for a couple of years unsuccessfuly attempting to join psych with underground rock and got annoyed with it completely. At that point we met Jon (drums) in Dave’s neighborhood bar. He’d used to be in a prog musical crew called KnullkontaktĀ  that upheld Genesis and VDGG when they hyped North during the 70’s. He’d played in different groups however had not done anything for a couple of years. We got together for a jam and it began to create from that point. After around 3/4 months Jon said he needed to begin accomplishing something in a sort of Ozrics style and call it ‘Earthling society’ and that is the thing that we became. (editors note: for those not up to date “Ozrics” alludes to the GREAT band Ozric Tentacles)

2) What are your melodic impacts and what current music do you tune in to?

Can, Funkadelic, Ash ra Tempel, Cosmic Jokers, Klaus Schulze, Julian Cope, Blue cheer, Flower travellin’ band, Pere Ubu, Ozrics, Hawkwind, Brainticket Floyd, Camel and the thirteenth floor lifts (Roky is my unequaled most loved craftsman) Magma, Faust. Todd Rundgren and others…

Current music, well there’s very little to go at truly. Sovereigns of the stone age, Monster Magnet, Some Radiohead, Royal Trux, Comets ablaze and Terminal Lovers’ sublime ‘Dramatization pit and credit’ collection which as I would like to think is one of the best stone collections of ongoing years.

3) What are your contemplations on the connection between the current political scene and craftsmanship/music

From a melodic perspective no one’s expression much, indeed they are saying screw all. Im not saying we are progressives yet I think on the off chance that you have a vehicle to say something substantial instead of educating everybody regarding a nights ago screw the you should utilize it. Nonetheless, I wouldnt like to force melodious governmental issues on anybody, we are not prog rock Billy Braggs or Chumbawumba, We have seen things that we don’t care for and we need to tell individuals that. There are some extraordinary groups particularly in the USA like The Comets on Fire who get alluded to MC5 or the Elevators however you arent given any hints to what they are singing about. Is it true that they are political? I dont know. Possibly they dont need to go down that street of wire taps and irritating gadgets. Me? im having my telephone tapped right now!!!!

4) I hear an unmistakable agnostic/sorcery component in your music. What is its importance or significance in your way to deal with music and life?

I do contemplate agnosticism/Druidry however i’m not some sort of screwball that meanders round in a robe with a sickle in one hand and some mistletoe in the other. Im an adherent to the force of nature and I believe it’s an amazing medium to use in songwriting. It’s a sort of Bardic mindset to utilize these components to recount a story. I dont have a place with any mysterious circle and out of the band there is just me that reviews Magick. Be that as it may, I am as yet doubtful. I havent dove myself into the craft of custom or conjuring….magic mushrooms do me fine for dreams of holy messengers and devils.


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