Buying Dragon Artwork and Asian Art Online

Ebay is a very safe place to buy dragon artwork and other works of Asian art. Unfortunately a few individuals do fall prey to fraudulent sellers just like the offline wold. There are ways to protect yourself and avoid bad sellers. Most victims of scams have allowed themselves to be a target if you follow these steps buying online can be safer than buying from your local dealer.

1)Never buy things out of the eBay format. I can’t stress this enough or say it enough times. If you contact the seller to ask a question and he offers you a lower price off eBay this should be a huge red flag don’t walk but run away from this auction. The only time you might consider this is if you know the seller well and have built up a relationship with them.

2)Avoid sellers who have zero or very little feedback. Someone with zero feedback or low feedback could of just recently signed up to do something fraudulent. They often will do a few small value transaction to get a few token feedbacks.

3)Use PayPal and your transactions are insured against fraud or check with your credit card company and see what protection they offer. Avoid auctions that only offer payment by money order or bank wire

4)Its probably best to start off buying from auctions within your own country. After you get comfortable you might branch out and buy from international sellers, which could involve duties and customs fees.

5)Look at the feedback and recent activity. Were the feedback from selling or buying? Is the product consistent with what items the seller generally sells? Is it in the same price range of products that the seller usually sells?

6)Are the sellers pictures actually pictures of the item that he is selling? Or did the seller just use stock pictures of the item that he copied off the Internet. The more original pictures of the item the better.

7)Ask the seller questions and get a idea of the sellers character. If you are not treated promptly as a potential buyer expect that you will be treated even worse after the deal is done should you have any problems. Good sellers are more than happy to answer all questions as it saves them from problems after the sale. Just don’t waste their time by asking questions that are covered in the auction description.

8)Does the seller guarantee the authenticity of the item? What are the sellers return policy? Know before you buy, don’t assume.

It is very possible to get things for pennies on the dollar on ebay. Don’t be scared the world of online auctions offer you a safe place to buy items and you are insured your transaction will be safe if you use Paypal and ebay. Start off buying small and don’t get caught up in any bidding wars. The great thing about eBay is that your bound to find another great piece of dragon tribal art listed shortly.

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